Meet CCI's 2017 Interns

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Hi! I’m Ben, one of CCI’s summer interns. Each year, CCI works with university students who are looking to up their professional experience and learn the behind the scenes of a non profit. 

I’m currently a student at Trinity Western University, and the other intern is Christina, who is a student at the University of British Columbia. While we work together, we each focus on different tasks. Christina is working administration projects – such as reviewing donations and the sponsor children’s annual progress reports. I’m focusing on a lot of the website features, such as updating and revising pages and posts, as well as writing “one pager” updates and blog posts (such as this one!).

We are learning a lot about the inner workings of CCI – how day to day tasks are completed, how children throughout the world are cared for, and how the people who work here affect how the operation is run – and to be honest, these people are amazing. The biggest take away for us so far has been just how much these people care about the kids they’re working for.

To show you what I mean, I asked Christina for 3 words to describe each of the staff that we’ve worked with at CCI:

Rod (Director): “dedicated, selfless, knowledgeable ”

Lorna (Relations): “caring, thoughtful, a total boss”

Deb (Office Manager and our boss!): “beyond considerate, humble, extremely hard worker”

Kris (Finances): “intelligent, humourous, kind”

Faith: “kind, happy, focused”

We are thoroughly enjoying our time here. Christina says the biggest lesson she’s learned so far is “there is so much that goes on behind the scenes, which people are unaware of.” I wholeheartedly agree with that – there are so many moving parts – and each needs to fit perfectly to continue the amazing support that CCI provides. 

We love working here, and are very proud to be CCI’s 2017 interns!


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